How do I get started?

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Read through the tabs on our site to get a brief idea of what Less Work More Yum! low carb living looks like here at Seasonal Low Carb (SLC), and how to use our services. All purchases and use of our website assume you agree with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Sign up for the level of membership that seems to best meet your needs. Check out the rest of the FAQS to answer your basic questions, and if you have more specific questions, send them my way at


How do I sign up/ become a member of SLC?

Go to the JOIN tab in the upper right of the website and click. It will take you to our membership graphic that shows you the differing benefits/services of each level of membership, along with their monthly and yearly membership prices. Choose the membership level/time period that works best for you and fill out the appropriate information in the MEMBERSHIP CHECKOUT. Then enjoy less work and more yum at SLC!


Payment types

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  We do not accept personal checks.


How do I use a coupon code?

If you have an additional discount code on top of the annual price discount, enter it in the DISCOUNT CODE within the PAYMENT INFORMATION section of the MEMBERSHIP CHECKOUT.


How do I know what menu works for me?

The main desire of SLC is to provide you with as many tools to find the perfect combination of low carb living protocols that best supports your goals. SLC realizes that people get very passionate about what works for THEM, but what works for ONE does not always work for ALL. SLC therefore tries to offer a variety of menus to give you a variety of options to choose from to see what works for you. Each menu has its own characteristics that are briefly described on the MENU tab on our main page.

Briefly, the BASIC & BUDGET MENU is our simplest menu, meaning it won’t have as many complex recipes for those individuals who like simple cooking! Keeping recipes more basic will help keep costs down, supporting budget minded customers. This menu also caters to those with allergies by only including recipes that are nut-free, dairy-free, and sweetener-free.

This menu supports the lowest carbohydrate threshold that we offer by aiming for an average of 20 TOTAL carbohydrates with each day’s meal plan. This means some days will go above 20 total carbs, some days will be below 20 total carbs, with the goal of keeping you at an average of 20 TOTAL carbs a day. In low carb living, individuals often follow either TOTAL carbohydrates (which include carbohydrates AND fiber) or NET carbohydrates (carbohydrates MINUS fiber). By following a total carbohydrate diet, an individual will be eating even less carbohydrates because they do not subtract fiber from their carbohydrate total. This helps individuals who feel they are sensitive to fiber by ensuring that they consume less during the day, and therefore less carbohydrates as well. This meal plan supports moderate protein levels and higher fat levels. Because this menu is our most restrictive, it will effectively support weight loss, ketosis and ketoadaption as it excludes a majority of the triggers for weight stalls. A majority of the recipes and daily meal plans can be macroadjusted (you can adjust the macronutrients) to better fit your particular macronutrient goals.


The NET 20 menu keeps carbohydrates at a NET of 20. This menu subtracts fiber from the daily carbohydrate total. Therefore, this diet is able to include a bit more carbohydrates in the day, so it can include a larger variety of ingredients and can be a bit more adventurous and foodie focused. This menu includes dairy, nuts, nut/seed flours, and sugar alcohols. Because this menu still keeps carbohydrates low, it still supports weight loss and ketosis/ketoadaption for individuals that tolerate dairy, nuts, nut/seed flours and sugar alcohols. At higher calorie levels this menu supports weight maintenance very well. A majority of the recipes and daily meal plans can be macroadjusted to better fit your particular macronutrient goals.


PROTEIN PLUS supports an average of 20 net carbohydrates, and a starting threshold of 120 grams of protein for each daily macronutrient protein total for those individuals who tolerate and succeed better with higher protein levels. This menu supports the higher end of the accepted MODERATE protein range supported within the low carb community. Therefore, this menu will have a lower fat level than the other menus, but is still considered a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate menu suitable for ketosis, leto-adaption, weightless or muscle gain. This menu better supports nutritional ketosis than medical ketosis.


CUSTOM MENUS are where you have free reign to pick and choose from our entire library of recipes to make the menu that works best for you. This menu option offers you the most flexibility because you can:

  • Make a menu that caters to unique eating preferences or requirements, such as certain allergies, vegetarian restricted diet, or if you just want to pick out meals that look good to you based upon a pickier palette, etc.
  • Make a menu that just includes dinners if you/your family doesn’t need breakfast and lunch options
  • Make a menu for a holiday or special event and have all your recipes and ingredients in the shopping lists just for that event
  • Make a menu entirely of spices and sauces to restock your pantry or freezer with delicious and worry free low carb options
  • Use our library of recipes to create any type of menu you can come up with

Our FEATURED MENUSare there to provide specialized recipes for topics such as desserts, drinks, condiments, kids, holidays, etc. In the low carb community, some people avoid certain types of food that other low carbers enjoy. Desserts and alcohol are two of these types of foods, and to help those low carbers who are trying to restrict those types of foods, we offer them separately in our featured menus. We will also offer specialized mini menus here, such as our Quick Fix menu which outlines our easiest and fastest recipes of the month.


I’m a low carb newbie, which menu do you recommend?

Each customer of SLC will receive an introductory packet to low carb living, which will help with this question. The first step is to decide what your goals of low carb living are (weight loss, gaining muscle, weight maintenance, just getting into ketosis,etc.) and then find a menu that supports your goals and seems the most doable to you. This can be a very subjective and personal decision. Seasoned low carbers will easily figure out which menu best fits their macronutrient profiles and goals. Low carb newbies need to be prepared to track their daily food log and daily macronutrients and see what works best for you through trial and error as your unique health history, genetic profile, your personality and your goals- all will influence which menu will be best for you. Utilize your introductory packet, and communication with SLC to best settle this concern.


I’m New to Low Carb and this is all a bit confusing.

Low carb living does have its own lingo, methods, and best practices, and it can be a bit overwhelming as you transition to a different way of eating. SLC is happy to help make that transition easier because we’ve walked in your shoes and we know how hard transitions can be- but they don’t have to be.  All of our members will receive an “Intro to low carb living” packet to help give you general low carb information and places to start if you are new. All members also have access to detailed FAQS on how to use the site from the membership side. Our blog will also publish monthly educational and resource focused articles. In addition, our Pro membership level gives access to monthly Educational and Motivational resources directly to help increase your knowledge and passion for low carb living! “Less Work and More Yum” is more than a mission for SLC, we want to empower and equip you to best enjoy low carb living!


How many Menus can I access each month?

All levels of membership provide you with access to all of our Permanent and Featured menus. This way you can try out multiple versions of low carb eating to see what works best for you. And if you need to create your own special menu, the Custom Menus are only accessible within the Pro membership level.


Do the Custom Menus also come with daily meal plans?

Our Custom Menu allows you to pick Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for 5 separate days. This will allow you to create your own meal plan for a week. Each Custom Menu day also has full access to macronutrient adjustments, and daily macronutrient totals, as well as serving size adjusters, and shopping list access.


Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your subscription anytime.

Monthly membership: All sales are final on monthly memberships, so there will be no reimbursements for the present month to which you have access. Your membership will be cancelled immediately and you will lose access to the website immediately.

Yearly membership: If you have a yearly membership, please note: if you decide you are unhappy with our service, you can get a partial refund if you cancel within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us regarding your refund at All cancellations after that time will not be reimbursed. Your membership will be cancelled immediately and you will lose access to the website immediately.

All memberships are automatically recurring unless otherwise cancelled BEFORE the recurring date.


What is the Donation of the Month?

Every month, SLC donates 5% of its profits to a charity/nonprofit that supports something we are passionate about. We will write at least one article highlighting that charity/nonprofit on our blog for all our members and readers to help spread the word about each months’ focus charity/nonprofit. We welcome recommendations! SLC enjoys supporting good people/ good organizations that do their part to make the world a better place!


How do I buy some of the unique and/or harder to find items for the recipes on your site?

At the bottom of our site we have a link to SLC’s personal AMAZON store where you can find access to the harder to find items included in some of our recipes (such as almond flour, xanthum gum, spiralizers, etc.). While more and more stores are carrying a larger variety of low carb cooking items, it is convenient to do all your shopping on one site, and just get it mailed to your home (especially if you have Amazon Prime, right?)! If you buy any items through our Amazon store, SLC will receive a return on that purchase. Thank you for supporting us by buying through our Amazon store!


Do you have an app for your service?

Our website is designed to be accessible and functional on standard and mobile applications, so we do not need an app. You can access all your meal plans and shopping lists from your cell phone or IPad that have internet service.


There are additional types of recipes/meal plans I would like SLC to offer.

We are eager to hear what recipes and meal plans you would like us to add to SLC’s offerings. Please send all recipe and meal plan suggestions to


Where do I find the most recent blog?

Go to the BLOG tab in the middle upper of the main page and click on BLOG.


How do I reach SLC for questions?

First, I request that you check the FAQs section, as well as the document section for your level of membership, as I will refer you there if your question is answered within these resources. Otherwise email me at

This site is presently supported by only one individual.  This means there may be times I am unavailable. I respond all e-mails as best as I can within 24-48 hours or less (when possible), except on weekends. I do not work on Saturday or Sunday or on holidays.  In those cases, I will respond to you within the next business day.

Please do not send the same message multiple times because this will double or triple my work-load and slow down my response time to your question. Also, please do not send a five-page e-mail with ten issues. These are very difficult to respond to. In order to serve you best, please send one issue at a time. When that issue is resolved, then go ahead and send your next issue. This really helps a lot. Thank you!!