Is each recipe tested?

We test each recipe multiple times to meet quality, taste, and functional standards. My hungry family gladly provides honest feedback and recommendations (five and three year olds are very honest!). We also welcome comments and questions from readers and take them into consideration in order to provide the best quality recipes and menus.


Why does the dish not look the same as your photo when I cook it?

Because of variables out of our control, such as: different sourcing/quality/components of our ingredients, differences between our appliances and/or tools, differences in season (temperature/humidity) or elevation, and different interpretations/manners of following a recipe – all of these variables can lead to your final product of an SLC recipe looking and possibly tasting different than our version. Because of all these variables that are out of our control, SLC cannot guarantee a consistent result of our recipes. But we do our best to make the directions and specificities of our recipes clear to help encourage the same yummy results as much as possible!


Can I use your recipes if I’m not based in the US?

Yes! All of our recipes are made in both METRIC and US standards of measurement. When you are in a menu main page, to the right you will find the choice of metric or standard.


What does changing the macronutrients do to the taste of a recipe?

One of the challenges of offering our members the ability to adjust their macronutrients is the fact that doing so changes the resulting product of a recipe. Our primary recipes are made with an ideal tasting, smelling and looking product in mind. But our members need to be aware that in pursuing specific macronutrient numbers/ranges through macronutrient adjustments, the taste of the final recipe will change. SLC vouches to always try to ensure that the macronutrient adjustments will have only negligible effects on the recipe, but our customers need to be aware that this is open to differing subjective opinions. SLC guarantees that the original recipes were tested and passed our inspection for quality, but that the macronutrient adjustments may alter that end result.

SLC welcomes all feedback on our site, our recipes, and their macronutrient adjustments, and will gladly take your comments into consideration!


How do I adjust a recipe to best fit my needs?

You can adjust the serving size of a recipe to increase macronutrients and calories, or you can utilize the other available macronutrient adjustments for each recipe to better refine your numbers and get as close as possible to your ideal macronutrient goals/ratios for the day. Do realize there is a limit to how much a recipe and a meal plan can be adjusted. It is with this issue in mind that we have provided the Custom Meal planner option so you can tailor a meal plan just the way you like it!


Where do you get your macronutrient numbers?

SLC utilizes Nutribase software to compute its macronutrient totals for a recipe. This information is based directly from USDA numbers, but SLC does not verify that Nutribase’s numbers are most up to date or precisely correct.


How important are precise macronutrient totals?

If you are following a low carb way of eating to hit precise macronutrient levels for a medical reason or another reason where you need to hit precisely exact numbers each day, we recommend you work with a trained nutritionist and not rely solely on our site. SLC only functions to help clients hit general thresholds/ratios of macronutrients as each recipe and daily meal plan combination will vary. Generally, goals can be met with daily variances of macronutrients. Some daily meal plans will be under your goals; others may be slightly higher. As long as your weekly average is around your goal numbers/ranges you should hit your general goals. Some people live low carb living better being very precise, and some do better with more flexibility. What works for you is what is best for you! Our multiple meal plans and macronutrient adjustments will help get you to that middle ground each day!


Why do recipes have Directions and Cooking to Freeze Directions, Freezer Labels, and Freezer Thaw Sheet?

Directions- are the standard/normal instructions to cook a dish. These are included in the direct link to a recipe.

Freezer Cooking Day Instruction- are how to cook/prepare a recipe to freeze it for future use.

Freezer Labels- these are labels you can apply to your freezer meals so you can easily read what the dish is in the freezer. The cooking to serve directions and macronutrients/serving size of the dish are also listed on the Freezer Labels.

Freezer Thaw Sheet- gives you an easy reference sheet on how to thaw each freezer dish of the month.


How do I reach SLC for questions?

First, I request that you check the FAQ section, Getting Started documents, and Educational and Motivational resources (per your membership level) as I will refer you there if your question is answered within this resource. Otherwise email me at

This site is presently supported by only one individual.  This means there may be times I am unavailable. I respond all e-mails as best as I can within 24-48 hours (when possible) or less, except on weekends. I do not work on Saturday or Sunday or on holidays.  In those cases, I will respond to you within the next business day.

Please do not send the same message multiple times because this will double or triple my work-load and slow down my response time to your question. Also, please do not send a five-page e-mail with ten issues. These are very difficult to respond to. In order to serve you best, please send one issue at a time. When that issue is resolved, then go ahead and send your next issue. This really helps a lot. Thank you!!