What is low carb?

At its core, low carb living is purposefully consuming less carbohydrates to reap the benefits of low carb nutritional protocols that are only possible at certain low carbohydrate thresholds. Check out our WHAT IS LOW CARB TAB on our home screen to read a more detailed description of What is Low Carb? Seasonal Low Carb offers three different permanent menus with adjustable macronutrients, as well as the option to create your own personalized menu to best help you practice the best version of low carb for you. All of these menu options will help give you the tools to track what you are eating and to figure out what you can eat that will best support your own personal goals. Members also receive an “Intro to low carb living” with membership, as well as (depending on the membership level) access to monthly Educational and Motivational resources.


What is the Seasonal Low Carb’s approach to low carb?

SLC advocates ideally following a whole foods approach to low carb living as much as possible. This means we recommend not only limiting your carbohydrates each day, but also –when possible, eating home cooked food instead of processed foods, and consuming the least amount hormones and chemicals by pursuing organic/grass fed meats/dairy and organic (or better yet home grown) produce. But we at SLC are also realistic that for many people either budgets or time restraints don’t make that feasible. And that’s OK! We can’t stress that enough. Here at SLC we promote you doing the form of low carb that is best for you. There are guidelines and ranges within the low carb world that are more efficient and effective than others. We are here to educate and promote the multiple types of low carb living so that you can find the right fit for you and your specific goals.

There is a lot of pressure and judgmental verbage that borders on fanatical in the low carb world- and here at SLC we don’t advocate this type of atmosphere. SLC acknowledges that there are basic foundational rules of low carb living (such as reducing your amount of carbohydrates), but also that some approaches work for some people and not for others. As well, the science behind low carb living continues to evolve, and as it does our knowledge base will continue to grow and change, and we want to stay open minded and tolerant towards those changes.

Low carb living is so beneficial, that doing the form of low carb living that works best for you will provide you with solid results. We want all viable options for success to be available to you. If you can follow an organic/whole foods approach, then you will receive the most benefits in avoiding dangerous hormones and chemicals- but if you can’t, you do the best you can and that is the best for you!


Seasonal Low Carb is a resources that provides you with:

  1. Multiple low carb profile menus to choose from
  2. The option to make your own Custom Menu
  3. Regular cooking directions
  4. Two-week meal plans with completed shopping lists for Permanent Menus
  5. Macronutrient totals for both individual recipes and the daily total within the Permanent menu meal plans
  6. The ability to adjust macronutrients on individual recipes and within daily macronutrient totals for meal plans
  7. Alternative cooking methods listed for recipes where applicable
  8. Extra directions to do Freezer cooking to help make low carb living easier


What is freezer cooking?

Freezer cooking is freezing meals or ingredients for a meal, in order to make meal times easier, most often done in bulk so you have a few meals at a time. It’s essentially making your own freezer meals to take advantage of that convenience, and being able to precisely control what is in them by making them yourself. Our freezer cooking instructions are made so you can cook an entire month’s menu in advance (for those recipes that can be freezer cooked), for later utilization when you need it.


What is batch cooking?

Batch cooking is a form of freezer cooking, but on a much smaller scale. Batch cooking can be accomplished by simply doubling a recipe, serving one immediately and freezing the second for later. The most cost and time efficient way is to freezer cook, which is why SLC focuses on low carb menus and provides freezer instructions as an added service.


Why should I freezer cook?

Freezer cooking is the equivalent to using a frozen meal for dinner (or any other meal) except you don’t buy the frozen meal at the grocery store (because there are few and far between low carb frozen meals right?)! Instead you make the frozen meals yourself, guaranteeing that all the ingredients are not only low carb friendly, but also that they support your individual low carb requirements.

Our low carb menus provide you with many options of control over your meals and our freezer cooking instructions give you back more of your valuable time by giving you an alternative cooking method! Meals made, then frozen, maintain their freshness longer and are ready when YOU want to eat them.


Isn’t freezer cooking expensive?

You will spend a 2-4 week grocery budget all at once, instead of spread out over a month, which does need to be budgeted for. But it is cheaper than eating out or paying for prepared low carb meals. You also avoid any unwanted ingredients by controlling what goes in your frozen meals. As well, you save time all month long, since you’ve prepared your dishes ahead of time- and this can be invaluable.

Shopping in bulk, seasonally, through local sales/manager specials, at discount stores, with coupons, or using local farm options can also save you money. Growing your own produce in a garden is also another (hopefully!) satisfying and budget friendly option.


What labels do I buy to line up with your labels?

To provide sturdy and clear labels that make it being tossed/jostled around a freezer, we use labels formatted to Avery 8168/5168 shipping labels.  They will print out four to a page.  If you prefer not to use the labels you can print them out on scratch paper and then adhere them to your bags with freezer/packaging tape or write on your freezer meal packages with permanent marker- whichever works best for you!


When do new menus come out?

New permanent menus are released on the 1st of every month. The featured menus are updated no later than the 15th of the month, typically earlier. These are specific menu categories such as desserts, snacks, drinks, kids, vegetarian, holidays, etc. These are perfect for those who are interested in desserts, snacks or drinks, as well as including holiday recipes into their meal plans.


How do I reach SLC for questions?

First, I request that you check the FAQ section, your Getting Started packets, and the Educational and Motivational Resources (for Pro Members) as I will refer you there if your question is answered within these resources. Otherwise email me at info@seasonallowcarb.com

This site is presently supported by only one individual.  This means there may be times I am unavailable. I respond all e-mails as best as I can within 24-48 hours (when possible) or less, except on weekends. I do not work on Saturday or Sunday or on holidays.  In those cases, I will respond to you within the next business day.

Please do not send the same message multiple times because this will double or triple my work-load and slow down my response time to your question. Also, please do not send a five-page e-mail with ten issues. These are very difficult to respond to. In order to serve you best, please send one issue at a time. When that issue is resolved, then go ahead and send your next issue. This really helps a lot. Thank you!!