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All memberships are automatically recurring unless otherwise cancelled BEFORE the recurring date.

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Why are Saturday and Sunday not detailed in the meal plans?

Each meal plan for each permanent menu offers two weeks of daily meal plans for Monday through Friday, three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). You repeat each meal plan approximately twice in a month to get through the full approximate four weeks in a month. OR you have the option of doing one meal plan for the first two weeks of the month, and trying another meal plan for the remaining two weeks of the month.

Saturday is left open as a leftover day to use up the leftovers of the week. And Sunday is left open for you to repeat your favorite meals of the week. These days are also left open for you to fill with any meals you didn’t use during the week due to not using a meal within your meal plan (due to: eating out, eating over to someone else’s home, fasting, etc.).

Snacks and desserts are not included and are only provided in our Featured Menus or our recipe library left for you to include at your own discression within a Custom Menu or as a recipe you try on your own on the side.


Do you offer new recipes every month?

SLC will offer new recipes each month when we offer new menus/meal plans as each month the country/region focus of our offerings change, which implicitly requires new recipes. We enjoy keeping low carb living fresh and exciting as there are amazing low carb recipes the world over. But we do reserve the right to repeat recipes where applicable. SLC reserves the right to repeat a previously published menu/meal plan and all of its recipes in their entirety, or as a collaboration, as a “new” months menu.


Why are the menus made with such low calorie totals?

We start with the lowest starting point of our shorter/smaller clients with the smallest needs. You add additional servings of a recipe and/or adjust the available macroadjustments of a recipe to get the final daily macronutrient total closer to what you are aiming for. We provide you as many calorie/macronutrient options as is feasible within our software while also keeping the integrity of a recipe.

We welcome any suggestions you may have for changes or improvement to our site/services!


How do I adjust a recipe to best fit my needs?

You can adjust the serving size of a recipe to increase macronutrients and calories, or you can utilize the macronutrient adjustments (when available) for each recipe to better refine your numbers and get as close as possible to your ideal macronutrient goals/ratios for the day. If your adjustments aren’t what you’d like, just refresh the meal plan pages to reset the macronutrient totals to their original numbers, and adjust the macronutrient adjusters again. Do realize there is a limit to how much a recipe and a meal plan can be adjusted. It is with this issue in mind that we have provided the Custom Meal planner option so you can tailor a meal plan just the way you like it.


Where do you get your macronutrient numbers?

SLC utilizes Nutribase software to compute its macronutrient totals for a recipe. This software is based on USDA numbers, but SLC does not verify that Nutribases’ numbers are most up to date or precisely correct.


How important are precise macronutrient totals?

If you are following a low carb way of eating to hit precise macronutrient levels for a medical reason or another reason where you need to hit medically exact numbers each day, we recommend you work with a trained nutritionist and not solely rely on our site. SLC only functions to help clients hit general thresholds of macronutrients as each recipe and daily meal plan combination will vary. Generally, goals can be met with daily variances of macronutrients. Some daily meal plans will be under your goals; others may be slightly higher. As long as your weekly average is around your preferred numbers you should hit your goals when they are not dependent on precise numbers. Some people live low carb better being very precise, and some do better with more flexibility. What works for you is what is best for you! Our multiple meal plans and macronutrient adjustments will help get you to that middle ground each day!


Why is the grocery list in ounces/grams?

The ingredients in your provided shopping list will have many items listed by ounces (or the METRIC equivalent). This is done to provide you the easiest way to buy your items at the store and not be thrown by varying container sizes or other variances by brand and country offerings.

Liquid ingredients are typically listed by their weight in ounces or grams.  Dry ingredients will be listed by ounces/grams, or in purchasable quantities. For example, if a menu needs cinnamon for multiple menus, you will be instructed in the total number of ounces needed for the entire meal plan, to ensure you have enough in your spice jar to complete the entire menu for the month. The same goes for our numbers of produce to help you approximate how many of certain produce items you may need to purchase so that you have enough for the recipe but to reduce the purchase of extras to keep your food costs down.


When will new menus be released?

SLC aims to publish new permanent menus by the first of every month. Featured menus aim to be published new by the 15th of every month if not sooner.


How do I search menus?

Go to the main menu and choose the menus available within the active month.

Other wise go to the SEARCH tab and type in menu key words in the search bar to pull up relevant menu/ site information.


How do I search for recipes?

Go to the RECIPE tab on the top of our sites main page/header tab section. Click on recipes and type in your desired key word in the Search bar.You can also use the filter options on the side to filter your search results.


How do I utilize the FREEZER MEAL instructions included in each Meal Plan (including the CUSTOM MEAL plans)?

Freezer Meal Instructions are not required to utilize each menu or meal plan. They are rather a useful tool that SLC gives you as an option to make low carb living even easier. Not all of our recipes are able to be frozen. But all recipes that can be freezer cooked, will be listed along with their unique directions within the Freezer Meal Instructions. We recommend taking one day, such as a Sunday, and cooking up all the recipes within the Freezer Meal Instructions. If you do this, you will have a large part of your meals for the month frozen and ready to go!


What are all the functions/tabs on the main menu pages?

  1. HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE YOU COOKING FOR? – This is where you choose how many people you are cooking for. All recipes make two servings, which can either be interpreted as one serving for two people, or two servings for one person.
  2. WHICH UNIT OF MEASUREMENT- This is where you choose Standard unit for U.S. based members, and METRIC for most international members.
  3. SHOPPING LIST- Once you are done with your menu (done with choosing how many you are cooking for, your unit of measurement, and adjusting your macronutrients (see #10) you press this tab and it will open a new tab with an easily printable document (or visible on your handheld devices as well) with all the ingredients tailored to all your variables your chose above. This is your shopping list for all the recipes in the Menu. If you need to only print off the shopping list for certain recipes, you need to include them in a CUSTOM Menu and print off that Custom Menu’s shopping list.
  4. FREEZER COOKING DAY INSTRUCTION- This page provides you with step by step instructions for your freezer cooking day for this particular menu. It will take you step by step in cooking all the food for this menu that you can cook ahead of time. Do realize that all recipes are not freezer cooking functional. You do not need these instructions for standard/nonfreezer meal cooking.
  5. FREEZER LABELS- These are labels for your freezer cooked items, so when you are storing them in your freezer, you know not only what the item is, but also how to THAW and COOK TO SERVE it! If you do not want to use them you can write directly on your freezer containers or use your preferred method of labeling. You do not need these instructions for standard/nonfreezer meal cooking.
  6. FREEZER THAW SHEET- This is the thaw directions for all the recipes within the menu for your quick reference on the days you actually use your freezer cooked meals. You do not need these instructions for standard/nonfreezer meal cooking.
  7. DAILY MACRO TOTALS- This section shows you the daily macro totals for each day of your Permanent Menus. This section lists protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, calories and net carbs. For the CUSTOM MENU it will show you the MACRO TOTAL for the entire menu since the Custom Menu does not provide an official option for making a meal plan (See the next question below).
  8. MACRONUTRIENT ADJUSTMENT- This is where you can choose the available macronutrient adjustments available within a certain recipe (not all recipes have this option).


What labels do I buy to line up with your labels?

To assist you in navigating a freezer full of delicious freezer meals, we use labels formatted to Avery 8168/5168 shipping labels.  They will provide the name of the dish, along with THAW and SERVING DAY directions. You are welcome to label your freezer meals with permanent marker, freezer tape, or paper taped to the food items- whatever works best for you.


All the tabs and functions within a Menu are overwhelming.

The best way to get familiarized with a new format/service is to just jump in and start clicking. You aren’t going to break anything by clicking on it and trying it out! SLC offers many services, so that is going to make for a lot of choices and options within our pages. But if something isn’t clear, check your FAQS page, check your Getting Started, Educational and Motivational resources, check the SEARCH engine, or email us at and we will get your questions answered. Everyone has to start somewhere, so jump in and go at the pace that makes you feel comfortable.


How do I buy some of the harder to find items for the recipes on your site?

At the bottom of our site we have a link to SLC’s personal AMAZON store where you can find links to the harder to find items included in some of our recipes (such as almond flour, xanthum gum, spiralizers, etc.). While more and more stores are carrying a larger variety of low carb cooking items, it is convenient to do all your shopping on one site, and just get it mailed to your home (especially if you have Amazon Prime, right?)! If you buy any items through our Amazon store, SLC will receive a return on that purchase. Thank you for supporting us by buying through our Amazon store!


How do I reach SLC for questions?

First, I request that you check the FAQ section, and your Getting Started/Educational and Motivational resources as I will refer you there if your question is answered within these resources. Otherwise email me at

This site is presently supported by only one individual.  This means there may be times I am unavailable. I respond all e-mails as best as I can within 24-48 hours (when possible) or less, except on weekends. I do not work on Saturday or Sunday or on holidays.  In those cases, I will respond to you within the next business day.

Please do not send the same message multiple times because this will double or triple my work-load and slow down my response time to your question. Also, please do not send a five-page e-mail with ten issues. These are very difficult to respond to. In order to serve you best, please send one issue at a time. When that issue is resolved, then go ahead and send your next issue. This really helps a lot. Thank you!!