Taco Pizza



Pre heat oven to 400F/ 204 C/ Gas Mark 6. Prepare the pizza dough and chorizo according to the recipe. Spread the pasta sauce evenly on top of the pizza dough. Wash, deseed, and chop the jalapeño, and sprinkle it around the pizza. Top with the shredded cheese and chorizo, and bake for 10-15 more minutes until browned and crisp. When baked, add the Avocado Lime Cream Sauce on top of the pizza, and top with kale chips. Buen provecho!

Base recipe makes 6 servings of2.9oz/ 82.8g a piece.

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About This Recipe

This is a delicious pizza based off one of my favorites pizzas at a local pizzeria - Fire Works in Leesburg, VA. The flavor of the chorizo goes great with the Avocado Lime Cream Sauce and the crunch from the Kale Chips takes it to a whole other level! Buen Provecho!

Recipe Macros per Serving

Protein: 12.41 gram(s)

Carbs: 4.27 gram(s)

Fiber: 1.1 gram(s)

Fat: 15.35 gram(s)

Calories: 202.61

Net Carbs: 3.17 gram(s)