SLC Menus


Menus we offer fresh each month that support specific macronutrient and nutritional needs/goals.

BudgetandBasic_shutterstock_329644124BUDGET & BASIC

This is our easiest and most simplistic low carb meal plan that caters both to those individuals on a tight budget and those looking for simple dishes that follow the strictest low carb protocols. This menu is free of dairy, nuts, nut/seed flours, and sugar replacements. This menu supports low calorie thresholds, moderate protein levels, high fat levels and keeps carbohydrates at or under 20 total (not net) carbohydrates each day. This menu supports weight loss and ketoadaption.

Net20_shutterstock_136403075NET 20

Our Net 20 meal plan keeps the carbohydrates at a max net average of 20 a day, while supporting moderate protein and high fat ratios. This menu includes dairy, sugar alcohols, and nuts, while supporting gentler weight loss through more foodie focused recipes. This menu supports weight-loss and keto-adaption.


Protein Plus_shutterstock_265991606PROTEIN PLUS

Protein Plus supports a higher protein threshold for those that tolerate and/or respond better to this form of low carb living, while supporting 20 net carbohydrates and high fat ratios.



SLC Featured Menus

These menus will vary by month and will offer variety to a menu selection. Examples include: desserts, snacks, drink, etc.

SLC Custom Dishes


This service is part of our Pro Membership Package and allows you to create your own menu based on recipes your choose. Make menus tailored for food allergies, to do a freezer meal cooking day, or to make a…